Deep Sea Outfalls

Deep Sea Outfalls

Maritime and turnkey projects with Weholite

GEZER offers applications such as deep sea discharge, water intake structures and underwater passages. Pipes can be delivered in long lengths, welded on site and then sunk.

Weholite is a polyethylene pipe with a profiled wall with smooth inner and outer surfaces for low pressure applications up to 2 bar internal pressure. It is one of the few polyethylene pipes in the world that can be produced in sizes larger than two meters. In fact, they are manufactured in sizes ranging from 1200 mm to 3,500 mm internal diameter and can be supplied in ring stiffness classes up to 8kN/m².

Pipe lengths are normally 12m - 18m but pipes can be supplied in longer lengths depending on carrying capacity. Weholite is extremely suitable for dewatering and deep sea discharges for power plants, sewage treatment plants, refineries and seawater desalination plants.

The main advantages of Weholite over alternative materials are that it is durable, lightweight and has excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, making Weholite ideal for use in underwater projects. Weholite has all the technical advantages of equivalent PE solid wall pipes while being much lighter, resulting in significant savings combining ease of installation and cost effectiveness.

Easy to transport to the construction site, installation is fast and reliable even in poor ground conditions. Weholite pipes are naturally flexible, allowing them to adapt to different loading conditions, vibrations, stresses and soil movements without damaging the pipe.

Since the density of polyethylene is lower than the density of water, the pipes can be pulled to the installation site by tugboat. What makes Weholite unique and particularly suitable for marine projects is that it has a hollow profile wall that can be filled with a non-hardening cement mortar mixture. This counteracts the natural buoyancy of polyethylene while maintaining the flexibility of the pipes. Internal weighting also reduces total project costs because the need for screening is much smaller than for external weighted pipes.

GEZER offers a range of Weholite products including pipes from 1200 mm to 3500 mm (custom sizes are also possible) elbows, T-pieces, manholes, special fittings and diffuser ports.

Services offered by GEZER for offshore pipeline projects:

  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Strength calculations
  • Material supply
  • Welding and assembly work
  • Installation or inspection of the installation

Advantages of Weholite :

  • Low weight, easy use
  • 100% tightness with welded connections
  • Various ring stiffness classes: 2kN/m², 4kN/m², 6kN/m², 8kN/m² or custom-made
  • Internal working pressure up to 2 bar
  • Flexibility in assembly
  • Perfect adaptation to poor ground conditions
  • Long service life
  • Corrosion resistant material - low maintenance
  • High wear resistance
  • Flexible delivery lengths
  • Good hydraulic properties
  • Personalized fittings