Package Treatment

Underground Package Treatment Systems

Package treatment systems are designed to increase the wastewater of villages and small communities. Purification systems can be customized to fit any location and the purification process can be adjusted according to the load.

An invisible system underground

For villages and small communities, the package treatment system consists of one or more tanks located underground and containing the necessary process equipment. Models with multiple purification units also include a distribution unit. Purification units are delivered ready-to-install from the factory to facilitate installation in the field. Only ventilation pipes and maintenance covers are visible above ground.

Savings on all expenses

For small communities, the package treatment plant reduces the treatment costs of wastewater and there is no need to connect the municipality's treatment plant with long sewer lines. As an additional benefit, usage and maintenance costs per household and building are lower.

Package treatment plant is a long-term investment that increases the value of its features and living comfort thanks to appropriate and quality water management. By using the facility in accordance with the instructions provided and maintaining it regularly; You can ensure that your facility remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Ease of monitoring the business

It is very easy to monitor the operation of the package treatment plant. The alarm system indicates conditions requiring maintenance. The purification system is easily monitored and controlled with the GSM remote monitoring system.


• Large storage volume reduces the impact of load changes

• Rigid and compact structure

• Ready for installation from factory

• Supervision and control of treatment plant operation is provided via GSM remote control.

• Quick installation

• Does not require any reinforcement when placed on the ground


Package Treatment Unit(s)