Oil Sand Trap

Oil-Sand Catchers use hydrodynamic separation technology to capture coarse sediments, garbage and floating oils in rainwater. They are specially designed, direct-flow water purification devices. This technology is a modular high-flow purification system that has no moving parts and operates under gravity flow conditions in a single vortex chamber.

Oil-Sand Trap systems are made of light and high-performance polyethylene material. The small seating area design, combined with this lightweight and durable material, makes the use of heavy lifting equipment unnecessary during installation.

Although the Oil-Sand Trap is usually placed directly into the rainwater line, other types of applications are also possible. Each unit has lifting ears and ready-made connection pipes for quick and easy inlet and outlet connections to rainwater pipes. Maintenance and repair work can be carried out from the surface without the need for entry to the closed interior area or special equipment. Swirl chamber cleaning is usually done using a vacuum cleaner.





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Oil sand trap is a technology that should be in all infrastructures and city planning. Especially when drought scenarios, especially global warming, come to the fore, oil and sand catchers become a major requirement in all planned infrastructures. Purification technology, which separates some substances in water after rain, has to make water useful and useful for people. At the point of efficiently utilizing such an important and vital resource, quality products with oil trapping and sand trapping properties have emerged as technologies that make people's lives easier.

Thanks to hydrodynamic separation technology, it is possible to clean many harmful elements, especially in rainwater. Of course, rapid separation and filtering of the elements known as garbage, which attract attention as coarse solution, creates a very beneficial result. Thanks to a direct and unidirectional flow water purification technology, rainwater in particular can be used much more efficiently. Oil sand trap, which is an indispensable technology today, provides great support especially to the reuse and efficient use of water. The critical period we are in has reminded us again how valuable water is.

What are the Features of Oil Sand Trap?

The oil sand trap is produced with a very special and reliable technology. The product sample made of polyethylene material is light, useful and high-performance. The product, which draws attention with its durable material and light structure, has shown itself as a design with a small seating area. This lightweight technology, which provides significant advantages during installation and use, has proven itself as one of the ideal choices in today's standards. The sand trap and oil trap system is known to be durable and reliable. The oil sand trap, made of lightweight and high-quality material, has become an important choice for people as a reliable purification system for a long time.

Where is Oil Sand Catcher Used?

Oil sand trap is one of the most needed products by local governments. However, it is said that similar systems provide efficient operating performance in large facilities. Thanks to the specially designed direct flow system, rainwater in particular can be treated quickly and economically. This product comes across as a very useful example with its high performance in the areas where it is used. The lightness of the materials provides a great advantage to the system in terms of installation and operation. This qualified technology, known as oil trap and sand trap, has emerged as a highly efficient and high-performance product model.

What are the Oil Sand Trap Prices?

When you decide on an oil sand trap, the quality and affordable prices of this product will be of great importance to you. Our company offers high quality product options to customers at very economical prices. Along with the production and supply of a perfect system, our company has always given great support to customer satisfaction in terms of price. Together with its oil trapping feature and sand trapping ability, these qualified technologies support the much cleaner and more efficient use of rainwater.

This system will prove to be a vital and important necessity both today and in the future. Oil sand trap prices and the performance advantages of the product are of great importance to customers. This type of technology is of great importance for local governments and construction sites and businesses working on infrastructure. Highly efficient and useful products show the most practical and advantageous results of water purification technology.