Prismatic Tank


Prismatic Plastic Tank design is made in accordance with DVS 2205 standard.

The dimensions of the tank, the density and temperature of the chemical to be placed in it are entered into the design program as data. The result is a program output containing all the information necessary to certify a tank in compliance with the standard.

In addition, we are the only TSE Certified company in Turkey that manufactures tanks according to TS EN 12573-1 "Welded, Static, Unpressurized Thermoplastic Tanks standard".

As can be understood from the name prismatic tank, they are prism-shaped tank models. It is known that the tank models here are generally made of durable, high-quality plastic materials. Thanks to these quality stainless raw materials, these quality tank models are used in many areas, especially water storage. Produced with first-class plastic material, the plastic prismatic tank is a long-lasting, useful and high-quality product option. Due to the research and development efforts of master engineers, we have a product model that is highly resistant to pressure from inside to outside. The storage of tons of liquids and the necessary conditions of use create significant results with the introduction of these quality tank models. The product model that appears to be quite advantageous;

  • Any Size
  • Suitable
  • Practical
  • Healthy
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Economic

It appears as a tank model. Tank models, which are very robust and useful in terms of structure, also appear to be highly compatible and high-quality products in terms of high performance.

It is possible to see prismatic tank models as water tanks in apartments, buildings and sites where people live. Again, these qualified product samples are used efficiently to ensure water supply in houses, detached buildings and many areas. Essentially, plastic prismatic tank usage areas are quite wide. From industrial production to storage and many other points, these quality product samples are used very conveniently and efficiently. The products, whose material quality is at a very high level, exhibit a structure that is highly resistant to all kinds of pressure and force. You can easily obtain useful and efficient categorized product samples from our pages and our company's solutions.

While designing a prismatic tank, our expert teams carry out preliminary studies and many calculations contribute to the production of the product in this field. When calculating internal pressure, external pressure, strength and the material's resistance to force, tank dimensions are determined accordingly. If you make a random model in shape, the tank model will be damaged during use. With the finest calculations, our expert teams bring forward prismatic alternatives in terms of both size and shape and create a number of solutions. Accordingly, the productions we make always provide convenience to our customers by being guaranteed, high quality and reliable. While creating scrubber plastic prismatic tank models, we do our best to ensure that these products are long-term and durable.

Our company has many sample options for shape designs. Prismatic tank is one of the most reliable products for homogeneous and suitable for use fluid materials and raw materials. The quality raw materials used in construction support long-term use.