Gas Washing Towers

Gas Washing Towers are manufactured to reduce chemical pollution.

The packed bed scrubbers in our product range are able to absorb and separate chemical pollutants such as alkali or acid compounds, sulfur or nitrogen compounds, toxic gases, solid particles and aerosols.

Absorption and separation processes

  • Absorption processes for chemical pollutants such as:
    • Alkali: NaOH, NaClO3 …
    • Acids: HCl, HF, HCN, HBr …
    • Sulfur compounds: SO2, SO3, H2S, RSH …
    • Nitrogen compounds: NH3, NO3, RNH2 …
    • Toxic gases: Cl2, BF3
  • Separation processes for droplets and aerosols such as:

H2CrO4, H2SO4, HNO3, (NH4)2SO4, HCl …


  • Production, storage and packaging of basic chemical compounds
  • Degassing of sensitive chemicals and pharmaceutical reactors
  • Incineration of liquids/wastes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Metallurgy: iron and steel industry
  • Purification of SO2/SO3/HF/HBr/HCl
  • Degreasing and chrome plating baths, surface preparation and metal plating


As GEZER, we manufacture surface coating, washing, etc. baths according to customer-approved drawings both domestically and abroad.

We manufacture these baths, which are generally made of PP material, with our internationally recognized welder certified (DVS 2281-2282) welders.

When welding PP plates, we use our DVS approved German origin plate butt welding machines, which can perform both butt and 90o corner welding.

You can ask about our references.

Special Productions

Material-defined isometric drawings sent to us are converted into manufacturing within the scope of DVS rules.

Scrubber, which we know as gas washing towers, is one of the technologies used in the industrial field and supporting production. In industrial development and industrial production, wastes may often arise that will pollute the air and make the environment more negative. Especially the efficient operation of industrial facilities and the negative effects of production may bring up some problems for the environment and people in general.

Bad odors, toxic gases and negative particles create environmentally threatening results in such cases. In such cases, Scrubber gas washing systems come into play and produce important solutions. In addition to the production efficiency of a facility, its environmentally friendly results are very important. It is everyone's duty to protect the world we live in. Companies engaged in industrial production should be much more careful in this regard.

While gas washing towers absorb gas and waste, they then provide solutions through neutralization and oxidation. Thanks to the dissolving processes, the release of polluted air and gas mixture into the atmosphere is prevented. Nowadays, where there are many industrial facilities, gas scrubber towers come into play and produce solutions, especially to protect living spaces. Gas washing systems, developed with great care, have revealed our company's high quality products and production in this field.

All businesses that want to focus on manufacturing in a comfortable and reliable way can gain a significant advantage with Scrubber technology. Our company has offered its products to you, our valued customers, with extensive research and advantageous development services. Our company's products and solutions will provide you convenience in the supply of technology, known as industrial investment.

Gas washing towers are generally used in organized industrial zones, large petrochemical plants, heavy industry works and all regions where industrial movements are located. The technologies here provide an important solution against waste and plowing situations that may pollute the nature.

Gas washing systems, which are built and produced in a very healthy and reliable way, make great contributions to people with their healthy and reliable performance in the areas where they are used. These magnificent facilities make a great contribution to businesses in cleaning nature and working healthily. Many wastes in the production industry cause pollution of nature. Problems in emission measurements cause many problems, including penalties, for companies. Thanks to activities such as filtering and cleaning, it will be possible to take steps to protect nature while increasing production quality.

Gas washing tower has many advantages and service quality. There is no problem with the operating performance of businesses that do not pollute the environment and protect nature. It should not be forgotten that protecting nature and the atmosphere is a duty for all living things. Our company has prepared and presented important solutions in such matters with high technology.

Thanks to the use of scrubber, our high quality materials and technology have protected the environment and brought production standards to the expected point. A practice that contributes to keeping the environment clean and prevents the direct release of waste into nature also means working in accordance with regulations. Gas washing systems, which have become more advanced and more efficient, have shown themselves to be a very reliable technology by today's standards.

The technologies and products that are indispensable for modern facilities are offered to you by us. Our company's products will make a significant contribution to you in taking healthy steps at the point of production and achieving results. Our service has created important solutions that support production with plastic materials that are durable, long-lasting and can remain intact.