Cylindrical Tanks


The design of the Plastic Prismatic Tank or Plastic Cylindrical Tank to be manufactured without pressure is made according to DVS 2205. We use a special program for this purpose.

Thanks to this program we use, tank wall thicknesses are calculated by optimizing the dimensions and structure of the environmental belts. In this calculation, data such as chemical type in the tank, temperature, tank size, tank type, etc. are taken into account as program input. In addition, wind and snow loads and indoor and outdoor usage conditions can also be given as input to the program.

As a result, the software provides pre-testable static output containing all the information required for approval of a tank.

As GEZER, we are the only TSE Certified company in Turkey that manufactures tanks according to the TS EN 12573-1 Welded, Static, Unpressurized Thermoplastic Tanks standard.

Our cylindrical tank products are planned and produced in accordance with the sector in which they are planned to be used. Tank wall thickness and dimensions are planned to best suit the functional structure of this element. The plastic cylindrical tank, which can be used safely in many sectors, also attracts attention with its durable and useful material. You can order models that are suitable in size and usage area immediately and have these products under favorable conditions. These products, known as thermoplastic tanks;

  • Drinking water
  • Food
  • Petroleum Products
  • Chemical matter
  • Unclean Water

It helps to store and use products properly. Despite being plastic, these products are highly resistant to pressure and are very reliable for industrial use.

Cylindrical tank models are very useful types. When you follow industrial development in today's world, it will be possible to see that many different tank models produce a useful result. The diversity and production range in this field has provided significant convenience to many sectors. Within this diversity

  • Plastic Cylindrical Tank
  • Thermoplastic Tank
  • Static Tank
  • Welded Tank
  • Unpressurized Tank

There are varieties of this product. The products that we, as a company, have produced with great effort and care will provide very important advantages in the sector where they are planned to be used. Many tank models, distinguished by wall thickness, size and quality materials, are produced by our company and offered to customers.

The cylindrical tank gave confidence where it was used and especially helped the fluids have a more homogeneous structure. When it comes to long-term storage and preservation of fluid products, relying on these modern tank models will create healthier results. Although there are many different tank models in today's standards, it is very important that these products provide an advantage to the user in terms of shape. Plastic cylindrical tank models have proven to be a very suitable product model, both in terms of shape, internal volume and useful structure. Thermoplastic tank models, produced using quality materials, have proven themselves with their efficient use in many sectors.

Cylindrical tank models are used to store many different liquids such as water. However, it is known that prismatic tank models are used for chemicals as well as water. Tank models that differ from each other in terms of both size and shape, as well as reinforcement elements on the outer sections, create a result that is also differentiated from each other. Cylindrical tanks, as their name suggests, are cylindrical in shape. Prismatic tanks, on the other hand, are the preferred models for the storage and use of chemicals with their angular prism shape. While varying structures emerge in terms of the raw materials used, wall thickness and shape, it will be possible to see these two tank models being used differently industrially.