Oil Separators EN858

Oil Separators EN858

Light oil separators are products manufactured in EN norms that are used to prevent possible damages and dangers by purifying oil and petroleum derivatives from wastewater, which threaten our living space by mixing with wastewater and also cause the formation of a flammable and explosive environment.

•          Oil Separators should be used in commercial and industrial facilities where petroleum and petroleum derivatives are present.

•          Oil Separators ensure that oil and oil-derived products are kept before they reach the wastewater infrastructure system.

Made of environmentally friendly recyclable polyethylene (HDPE) material in accordance with TS EN 858, suitable for recessed installation below the frost level, with integrated sediment - mud trap, suitable for B125 and D400 load classes according to EN 124 norm, automatically shuts down when the device capacity is full. It has a polyethylene float system that closes it, a special and cleanable coalescence filter for Class I separation, inlet-outlet connections suitable for cast iron, steel and plastic pipe connections, inner and outer surface resistant to oil and acids, optional oil level meter alarm device and sampling. They are shafted, monolithic body Class I and Class II petroleum and mineral oil separators.


  • Made from High Density Polyethylene (PEHD)
  • Body with strength suitable for use
  • Easy to apply and economical
  • Easy to maintain, corrosion resistant
  • 100% leak proof
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Environmentalist