Rainwater Storage Systems

Why pay for rainwater disposal when you can reuse it?

Collect rainwater, save drinking water and protect the environment thanks to Rainwater Storage Systems!

With rainwater tanks from GEZER, you do not need to use potable water to irrigate the lawn or plants in your greenhouse. Instead, rainwater is fed into a tank to be used for irrigation purposes. Leaves and other debris are collected by a filter, and an overflow connected to the sewer ensures that the volume of water in the tank never exceeds a certain level.

Rainwater Collection Tank

GEZER rainwater collection tank allows you to store rainwater. This gives you a free, alternative source of water when you need it.

With GEZER rainwater collection tank, there is no need to water your lawn, flowers and plants using potable water. An underground tank is installed and all the rainwater coming from the roof of the building is fed into the tank. An overflow pipe ensures that the tank's water level never rises above the specified level. You don't have to pay for irrigation water, plus you save on natural resources. Connect a pump to the tank to get an independent and above all free water supply!