City Flood Prevention

City Flood Prevention

What is the Cause of Floods and Floods?

With climate change, precipitation is becoming short-term and intense convective (heavy showers with thunderstorms).

This is due to heating. When the ground level warms up, the temperature difference between the ground and the upper level becomes large, and the hot humid air rises rapidly and turns into convective precipitation.

In this case, systems that leave more precipitation, that is, convective precipitation, come with thunderstorms, showers, short-term, heavy and hail.

Since it is short-term and heavy, the capacity of the road grates and rainwater lines cannot handle heavy rains.

After short-term heavy rains, the streets turn into streams.

According to the EU Flood Directive, this situation is called "urban floods" and is one of the biggest problems that is increasing in the world.

How to Prevent Floods and Floods?

As GEZER, we provide the necessary engineering and product supply services for flood and flood prevention.

To prevent floods and floods;

  • To improve existing infrastructure systems and increase hydraulic capacity,
  • Contributing with our engineering services in the project design phase of infrastructure systems,

These are just some of the solutions we will offer. Contact us for more detailed information and let us solve your current or potential problems.